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The Tampa Bay Purchasing Cooperative continually seeks to find opportunities to pool our purchasing power to create efficient, cost effective cooperative contracts to best serve our respective agencies and their citizaens and stakeholders.


Our Purpose is to:


A)  Jointly invite bids, proposals and/or quotations for commonly used products in our counties and municipalities;


B)  Encourage standard spcecifications for commonly used items;


C)  Exchange market information;


D)  Encourage and support professional development of its members



CHAIR -  Dustin Guinta

Procurement Analyst

Pinellas County

SECRETARY - Paige Walton

Procurement Analyst

Pinellas County

Our Mission

The mission of the Tampa Bay Purchasing Cooperative is to combine the purchasing power of participating jurisidictions, promote the development of cost effective co-operative purchaisng agreements, promote the open interchange of information and promote the procurement professional growth of its members.




Membership is  FREE and is open to all counties, municipalities, townships, public school systems, colleges, universities, authorities, and other political subdivisions of the Tampa Bay area. 


To Request to become a FREE Member, please click below:

2019 Meeting Schedule

        April  - July - October




  Joint Bids
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